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Film Overview - The Truman Show

            "Truman Burbank", a man who lives a simple perfect life without knowing that he is the star of a reality television program. Millions of people around the world tune in daily and have watched him moment by moment since birth and even until today by thousands of hidden cameras planted in biggest studio ever built, which is Truman's hometown. Truman thinks that everything that surrounds him, including his family and friends is perfect, however they are just characters hired by the creator of the TV show "Christophe" and he uses these characters to take control of Truman's life and prevent him from discovering the falsity of reality.
             The movie's conflict begins when Truman starts to encounter some small incidents that raise his suspicion. First incident is, one morning while Truman was walking to his car, a satellite, which is just a lighting decor; fell from the sky near him. It was passed by the radio that these are plane-shedding parts and there is nothing to be afraid of. Second incident happens when Truman was on his way to work and he sees his father after all these years of thinking he was dead. He only sees him for a couple of seconds and then a large crowd of people suddenly walk between them and a group of people from the TV show intervene and take his father away. Truman doesn't understand what is happening and who were these people that took his father, he gets paranoid and more suspicious but his character stays the same up until the third incident.
             In the third incident, on his way to work the radio catches a different frequency that is the frequency the cast members use to follow Truman's route. Due to the change in frequency, a very high pitch sound is produced and everyone in the town stops because they are all wearing earphones. Truman starts to question things; he tries to change his behavior by not going to work and doing other unexpected actions.

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