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Rising Temperatures and Global Warming

            In the Sahel of Africa, climate change has caused many trees to die back, exposed sandy soils to wind erosion, and shifted the vast ecological zones of the Sahel, Sudan and Guinea 3southward towards the Equator. The changes of seasons have altered the life cycle events of plants and animals. Climate change has lifted the cloud deck in the forests of Costa Rica, causing a fungus infection that has driven 75 amphibian species to extinction (Gonzalez). This is not the only place this is happening. Like the plants and animals in the forests, many others are going extinct because of pollution caused by humans. The debate on whether Global Warming is being caused by humans or if it is happening naturally has been going on for many years (Spotts). Global warming is being caused by pollution and other human activities and should be monitored because the sea levels are rising, many animals are going extinct, and the temperatures are rising.
             Global Warming is largely effecting the sea levels. James McCarthy author of, "Just passed the hottest decade ever", states that the last seven years have been the lowest recorded data of Arctic sea ice in more than three decades. This means that the sea levels are rising because the ice is melting. Due to the rising sea levels many continents like Africa will soon be covered in the vast ocean. Many glaciers hold the majority of the earth's freshwater supply but with them melting into the oceans, lack of fresh water will be a major problem. It is said that lack of fresh water on this planet is a looming crisis that is slowly breaking up on an apathetic world. It is further said that 1 per cent of water on this planet is for humans and about 2 per cent of that is locked up in ice that is slowly but surely melting, uselessly, into the oceans. Because of this, Global Warming should be monitored and be taken seriously.
             Many plants and animals are going extinct or are on the verge of extinction and the main cause is Global Warming.

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