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Attending West Virginia University

            com, the definition of atmosphere is "a surrounding or pervading mood, environment, or influence." West Virginia University is a great university located along the Monongahela River in the small city of Morgantown that has all the characters to fulfill the definition of atmosphere. Interviewee What is your favorite thing about West Virginia University? Student I'd have to say being around the diverse students, the great professors, the outdoorsy feel, the history of the school, and of course the good times spent with my friends! Interviewee Is this what makes West Virginia University your home away from home? Student I mean, sure! There is something here for everyone. No matter what you're into, you'll always find something fun to do here. Everyone's so different and I highly recommend this school to anyone. .
             West Virginia University has many great opportunities to offer to the students, especially the great atmosphere feel. Not only do the Academics take part in a huge aspect here at WVU, but the buildings, the students, and the green space all contribute to even reach a greater aspect. West Virginia University, founded in 1867, has a long and rich history as a land-grant university. WVU wouldn't have the great atmosphere feel if it wasn't for the brick jungle. Most of all the buildings are all brick and unique in their own way. WVU is known for their historical buildings and each building symbolizes something influential. For example, Woodburn hall was the first residence hall, and the first president of the school, Alexander Martin, lived there with the students. "Woodburn" means streamlet in a shady glen and comes from Sir Walter Scott's Guy Mannering; the "streamlet" was Falling Run, which then ran through a wooded valley where the Business and Economics Building is now. "Not only was Alexander Martin influential through Woodburn but, WVU built its own first building in 1870 and later named it Martin Hall, for Alexander Martin" ("AboutWVU").

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