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Russia and China - Civil War Comparison

            Both Russia and China went through a civil war before they became the nations they are today. It was caused by a revolution known as "The Bolshevik Revolution." In this war an army of red and an army of white faced off in the battle for power. In China, between WW1 and WW2, they too found themselves locked in battle. There were many differences and similarities in both these battles, battles that would help shape the country.
             Between 1918 and 1920, Russia was at "war within itself."The feud between the red army and the white army had finally boiled over into war. The red army was the communists of the country. Its red is the color of the communists; it was fitting this army fight in red. They fought the white army who consisted of the people who wanted to restore a monarchy to Russia. These people, known as royalists, managed to gain support from France, Great Britain, .
             and partly the United States. This whole feud is a result of the "Bolsheviks Revolution." Leader Vladmir Lenin led the Bolsheviks as they over through the government and gained power. After over throwing the government, the previous .
             leaders who weren't executed, will attempt to regain power. It is through this confrontation that the war begins. The side of the communists pulls out victorious however it didn't come without a great loss. 14 million people died during the war and Lenin attempts to restore order within Russia. He begins pulling people back through brutality and enforces his rule on the people with a sturdy hard he begins creating new politics and begins pushing Russia in a positive direction.
             Between WW1 and WW2, China is at war with itself. In this war the Chinese, like the Russians, are battling nationalists and communism, or the government versus communists. The government in China is going to try to get rid of communists. War breaks out and because of the communist forces, and the communists make the decision to engage in the "Long March.

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