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The Indus and Yellow River Civilizations

            The Indus and Yellow River civilizations were not advanced at first, yet the economic structure throughout their culture had the SPRITE system. They farmed and used agriculture to their advantage which lead to new techniques in farming. .
             The Yellow River's "Silk Road" was a big part of their agriculture. It expanded the population in China. Many people would travel on the Silk Road for trading purposes. This is mainly important because it made agriculture an immediate profit due to the rich and fertile soil. The Indus River Civilization ran along the Indus River. The Indus River provided flow of transportation for goods and trading. Without the River, there would have been a scarcity of water for humans, agriculture, and trade. The Yellow River Civilization put their focus mainly on day-to-day farming, such as growing crops like wheat, barley, and field peas. With all the time they had for farming, they could invent new techniques and styles of farming such as row crop, which is a crop that can be planted in rows wide enough to allow it to be tilled or otherwise cultivated by agricultural machinery. These techniques helped them gain more food and animals in a shorter period of time. Back in the Indus Valley Civilization, the river helped irrigate the fields for farming. They grew wheat, barley and peas as well. The river benefited this civilization by having the irrigation help grow food to feed families and animals. Throughout the two hard-working civilizations, the farming techniques became more advanced over time due to surplus of time they had. There were many different and unique tools to help them make the advancement, but those tools were not made in a blink of an eye. They were worked on by the technique of trial and error, which was done under social advancement part of the culture or group. .
             In these cultures, social morals such as pyramid classes were highly valued for males and females.

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