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Cuban Cinema

            In Latin American cinema Cuba ana its cinema has an important situation. There are many reasons why Cuban cinema becomes important and of course why it is accepted in national cinema. That's the point but especially the director "Juan Carlos Tabio- who is the most important person for Cuban cinema and his films which gives the main points about Cuba and its political revolution, socialization and relations between Cuban people. The main point which can be discussed is why Cuban cinema is national cinema and how Juan Carlos Tabio tells the Cuba's political and social substructures with his films. And also Cuban cinema can be discussed how it becomes an industry in Latin American cinema and the language of films which tells something about their problems. However, if we understand how will Cuban cinema is a good example in national cinema, first of all we must to look its historical development. .
             In first part of the discussion, we can say something about Cuban cinema history. Before the Revolution Cuban cinema come face to face with many problems. On March 24, 1959, the Cuban Institute of Cinematic Art and Industry (ICACI) was established. Castro thought that the cinema and television is important and believing that the cinematography was a tool for the revolution. Between 1959 and 1963 Cuban Cinema Industry and Art Institute (ICAIC) was made 8 films in three basic themes. This institute's main goal was to produce high quality work and also to reach larger audiences. These themes are; guerrillas, small bourgeoisie's traditions and villager problems. However, they made the same mistake because with the entrance of Cinema Novo (new realists) its supporters protect the admiration to the Italian cinema. And also ICAIC was brought Cesare Zavattini for technical adviser to Cuba. .
             That man who is the theorist and also supporter of neo- realism. However, mistakes, failures come out and cinema makers become anxious about Cuban cinema.

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