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The Affordable Care Act and the Homeless

            The Affordable Care Act has been called one of the most important pieces of health-related legislation to ever been signed into law throughout U.S. history. (Cannan, 2013) The law was designed to put consumers back in control of their health care. It was created so that Americans could have the stability and flexibility to make informed decisions about their health. Many Americans have taken this opportunity to gain affordable coverage which they may not have had before. Programs have been established to help individuals with pre-existing conditions who may not have previously qualified for health insurance. Options were also established for young adults- under the age of 30 who were not covered under other health coverage programs. The Affordable Care Act also provided a means of protection when it comes to arbitrary withdrawals of insurance coverage. Unfortunately many Americans believe that health insurance is not necessary, and in the past, they have chosen to go without. This is no longer an option. If you choose to go without coverage you may have to pay a fine when you file your annual income taxes. Sadly, some Americans are not given that choice. They are uninsured, and not able to afford health insurance, so they go without. This problem has been increasing in America as many families live paycheck to paycheck, and a serious injury or illness can cripple any savings they might have had. A serious injury or illness can lead to a loss of employment, and eventually a loss of their stable home environment. .
             People do not choose to be homeless. Unfortunately, it is estimated that on any given night in the United States, approximately 630,000 people are homeless. It is estimated that two-thirds of the homeless stay in shelters and one-third sleep on the street or without real shelter. Over the course of a year, several million people are estimated to experience homelessness.

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