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Importance of Mythologies

            As you can see, mythology, originally, serves many valuable purposes. And actually we are surrounded by mythology in today's society everywhere, whether you realize it or not: in films, in the names of the cities, in literature, in art, in cultural traditions. Heroes and gods will always remain the bright images of heroism, generosity and morality. In every aspect of our lives: even for our actions we can seek wisdom in beautiful legends about mighty people. How great heroes behaved themselves in various situations, when they had to make important decisions which could affect the fates of theirs and others' lives. These things teach us how to behave ourselves in everyday life. For instance, how heartfelt is the parting of Hector and Andromache before Hector because of his duty goes to his certain death? Aeneas' nagging sense of guilt before Dido, though he does the will of the gods and cannot do otherwise, the loyalty of Penelope to her husband- such things are much healthier cultural phenomenon than today's glossy magazines and TV series. The morality of any culture is shaped by its myths, legends and folktales. Mythology grants the continuity of the culture. And by comparing mythologies of different cultures we find the great scientific and historical interest of this practice. Fascinating findings in the sphere of comparative mythology have added many details to the great puzzle of the history of civilizations.
             The inimitable grace of the language of myths and legends gives aesthetic pleasure to the readers. That's why the beautiful images of the mysterious world of myths and fairy tales were introduced to various forms of art, literature and films. Great musicians inspired by the myths wrote musical masterpieces, and so did the great writers. Those who want to find the sources of elegance in any art cannot bypass mythology, because mythology has given to art its wonderful images.

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