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Sony Brand Repositioning

            Sony is in many industries but the electronic industry will be our key area to focus and improve on. Sony's electronics market is expected to grow at a rate of 7.2% annually to reach a value of $136,700 million in 2014. Sony is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this increase. As one of the largest global companies, Sony has the ability to tap into changes in consumer demands as they emerge. Apple, Panasonic and Microsoft are the major competitors of Sony and are currently ahead in the market. Future opportunities like newer technology and partnering with other companies will greatly contribute to their future.
             One of my main ideas for placement of products is if Sony had individual sales reps as well as lot more of their products would be sold. Just look at all these companies that have individuals that go out and sell their product they add sells on top of what they already do in store. Thinking about it closely people are everywhere and hear other people talking so say I was a rep for Sony and over heard someone talking about something that they wish they had like a new gaming system but never heard of anyone coming out with anything new lately. I as the representative could inform that person that hey I overheard you say you wish this was new a system and I'm here to tell you that Sony just came out with a product like your speaking of. Now that for me would be ultimate place, simply because Sony could be virtually everywhere. The perfect strategy as far as product positioning is concerned would be to use the high cost strategy. Data collected from recent surveys show that most people stop buying Sony because the perceived value of the low cost items were that they were not very good products and just over all worthless for long term use. Some companies price their products or services higher than their competitors to make customers think that they are buying a higher quality.

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