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Literary Devices in The Kite Runner

            In his novel "The Kite Runner," Khaled Hosseini uses literary devices such as diction, imagery, and tone to reveal Amir's past and show how it characterizes his future. Throughout the story Amir is affected greatly by his past and as he matures he is exposed to dramatic news that gives new meaning to many relationships in his life. Hassan, Amir's childhood friend, plays a major role in the man Amir becomes as the story is told. Khaled Hosseini begins by using diction when he declares the unknown relationship between Amir and Hassan. Although they grew up in the same household and were childhood best friends, Amir was considered to be of greater worth. Hassan and Amir played together throughout the years, and enjoyed doing many of the same activities. As the bond grew between them, they also faced times of tragedy together. Hassan took up for Amir in several instances as a good friend would, but Amir failed to do so in Hassan's desperate time of need. As the novel goes on, Amir is frightened by the choice he made long ago not to save Hassan from being bullied and raped. It troubles Amir throughout his life, and long after that night the truth comes out between him and Rahim, a family friend. Rahim informs Amir that Hassan is his half brother. After hearing these words, Amir is frustrated and feels as though he owes Hassan more than an apology. .
             As Hosseini continues to tell of the recent news Amir has been faced with, he conveys Amir's reaction by using imagery. When Rahim tells Amir the unknown truth that Hassan and himself have the same father, Amir is overwhelmed. His reaction is clearly distorted and through imagery the reader is capable of capturing a mental picture of what Amir might be going through. Being informed by a family friend, Amir feels as though most of his life has been a lie. Baba, Amir and Hassan's father, passed just recently before. Amir for a short while lost most respect for his father, as he wishes he had been so bold of a man to tell him himself.

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