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The Topic of Depression

            Knives, guns, drugs, depression? What is the link between these? They all have the potential to inflict pain and harm to a human being? Suicide in North America is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and is estimated by the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) that 8 of every 100,000 teenagers commit suicide and this is an increasing phenomena. It is believed that 90% of those that attempted or committed suicide suffer from Depression or Schizophrenia.
             I chose this topic of Teenage depression and suicide because it was of great mystery to me how a seeming normal El Dorado East student took his own life in 2008 without much being know to friends and even family. I narrowed my investigation into the topic of depression by identifying two main contributing factors: Hormonal changes and High stress levels. The two factors were thoroughly researched and delivered by two credible veteran psychology teacher and coach, Dr. Arch Hart and his daughter Dr. Catherine Hart in their book "Is your teen stressed or depressed?". Dr. Nisha Jackson, a practitioner of depression diagnostics in her book "Surviving the teenage hormone takeover" was also used for the sourcing of information. Not only are these authors credible through profession but their books server great relevance to the issues discussed. .
             Depression is twice more likely to affect girls in their mid to late teens as to boys in the same age category however, as noted by Dr. Hart noted boys are more susceptible to have more sporadic symptoms of depression because they tend to mask their emotional depression by becoming over involved in activities or by withdrawing from everything and with sulking in isolation. This he noted slowly affects the mental of that individual to maintain sanity and most males act out violently, seeking revenge to those whom made them feel violated or being overcome by thoughts of suicide.

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