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The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927

            The great Mississippi river flood of 1927 was a devastating disaster, according to www.com/event/mississippi-river-flood-of-1927 the flood took place in lower Mississippi on 1927. It was a historical moment known as "one of the most natural disasters in history, more than 23,000 square miles was submerged under water leaving 250 people dead. Leading up to this event it had been raining heavily prior to the flood causing the levee to break and collapse causing some residential areas to be 30 feet underwater. When this happened .
             African Americans were called upon on to work on the rebuilding process.
             When the Mississippi river flood of 1927 happened many lost whatever they had such as their houses or belongings it was time where people needed a boost and help. Many blues songs were made specifically about the Mississippi river flood of 1927. According to "soundcheck.why.ord/story/songs-great-flood" artist such as Barbeque Bob wrote "miss heavy water blues" in New York during the horrific disaster was happening, people heard this in a sense gave them little hope to keep battling their struggles .Another big name that wrote a song about the flood was Lonnie Johnson called "Broken levee Blues" as a remembering of the devastating flood he wrote this song in 1928. This are all examples of artist making songs of the flood one more would be Bessie Smith "Backwater Blues " Bessie had actually recorded this .
             song before the flood even occurred but predicted it was going to happen as it did he already had a connection with his song and the Flood.
             After the flood had happened many African American's living in Mississippi and others that get effected by the great flood were left with nothing and in desperate need for a job started to migrate from the south to north major cities such as Chicago according to "yahooanswers.com". Chicago was the hot spot to migrate to as many African American's did .

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