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Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games

            Recently, I read a book named The Hunger Games in my leisure time, which tells a story about a cruel competition hold by Panem country, and the governor would pick up one boy and one girl in each district to join this game on Reaping Day every year. The main male character, whose name is Peeta Mellark, is my favorite person in the story. He is the son of a baker, and he is also chosen to be a tribute with Katniss. In my opinion, Peeta is a kind-hearted, sagacious, and self-sacrifice person in this story. .
             First of all, Peeta is a kind- hearted person who never asks return from others. He lives in a better life than Katniss, and does not need to worry about the hunger because his father sells bread in District 12. He is eager to help other poor people even if he would be punished by his mother. When Katniss is so tired, weak and hungry that she slides down a tree to wait the coming of death, Peeta cooks two burned breads designedly, and throws them to Katniss, which is described by "The boy took one look back to the bakery as if checking that the coast was clear, then, his attention back on the pig, he threw a loaf of bread in my direction. .
             In addition, Peeta is very sagacious. When Peeta is interviewed, he tells a secret, that is, he loves Katniss for a long time: "Well, there is this one girl. I've had a crush on her ever since I can remember. But I'm pretty sure she didn't know I was alive until the reaping" (Collins, ch.9). This news is so exciting that lead many sponsors pay attention to Katniss. This is the way that Peeta is able to do for Katniss, who fights with him after the interview. Peeta insists to tell the secret to the public, because he not only hope more and more sponsors donate money and items to Katniss, but also hope she could be able to survive in the competition and to be a winner. He is so clever because he doesn't tell Katniss about what he would say in the interview, and let the audience believe it is the truth because of the surprising face of Katniss.

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