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Science Fiction of The Maze Runner

            It is an entertaining thought to picture characters such as Prospero from the Shakespearean era of literature enduring challenges with extra-terrestrial beings or experiencing outer space. It is assumed that an author born more than three hundred years after Shakespeare would not reflect similar plot guidelines through their writings, but perhaps that idea is not so farfetched after all. Vladimir Nabokov, novelist and professor, once said that if rigorous enough with definitions, Shakespeare's play The Tempest would have to be termed science fiction. Science fiction as a genre contains an expansive array of subgenres and themes, which can sometimes make classifying certain novels difficult. However, The Maze Runner by James Dashner contains numerous characteristics which are constantly shown in past writings, and exemplify science fiction as a genre. This novel consists of having basis in possible or presently ongoing scientific concepts, having synthetic life-forms, and environmental crises – all common topics existent in past sci-fi novels. Thus, James Dashner's The Maze Runner is an exceptional specimen of a book in the science fiction genre.
             First, like all writings of the science fiction genre, The Maze Runner includes ideas derived from existing scientific concepts or from possible concepts to come. Science fiction is often linked with "the principles of science-these stories involve partially true partially fictitious laws or theories of science" ("Science"). In chapter 34, Thomas points out that the creators were able to generate a closed-off environment through science. He articulates "there had to be a scientifically acceptable reason for what they were witnessing . Their sky had to have been – and still was – fabricated" (Dashner 219). This is one of the first ideas Thomas has that points towards the Glade being built by scientists – those who utilize scientific theories and laws.

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