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Haddon and the Struggles of Growing Up

            Autism is a disorder that makes it difficult to interact socially, and communicate verbally, and non-verbally. This makes autistic people see the world differently. Society thinks if one has autism, one is different and they treat him or her differently than others which make the parents or the child who has autism very upset. When children see this, it makes them think and act differently and want to become more mature. Christopher is a kid who has autism. Everyone becomes more mature as they get older, even for a boy named Christopher who has autism. In the book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon the main character Christopher becomes more socially intelligent, sensitive and self-sufficient as he gets older.
             To begin, Christopher becomes socially intelligent in many ways in this book. As he grows older, he learns different ways of becoming socially intelligent. As Christopher is growing older and becoming more mature, he figures out that sometimes you have to ask other people for help. Christopher asks a lady "Where can I buy a map?" (Haddon 137). He asked the lady where he could find a map because he did not know where the train was or how to get to the train station. Christopher is becoming more socially intelligent in this situation because he learns that asking others for directions is actually very helpful. Christopher also learns that others may know more than you just like the lady knew more than Christopher. Talking to the lady is boosts Christopher's self-confidence. Also, Christopher learns many things from reading books and gains social intelligence from them. Christopher said, "I knew that the train station was somewhere near, and if something was nearby, you can find it by moving in a spiral, walking clockwise and taking every right until you come back to the road you've already walked on." (Haddon 139). In this situation, Christopher does not want to get lost, so what Christopher does is very interesting.

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