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L.L. Bean Supply Chain

             Describe their business model and explain their supply chain strategy.
             The business model for LL Bean has been offering the highest quality product lines of sporting clothes and accessories. The company has a 160,000-square-foot signature store that stocks hundreds and hundreds of these items and this store would bring in more than three million visitors per year. The store was designed with the customer in mind to allow them hands-on access to its products so that they would have a better understanding of the high quality that they were being offered. With this model, L.L. Bean moved to build chain stores in major urban locations to encourage potential customers to examine the quality of their products so as to buy them at the store or offer them online using the company website. The company has lowered its prices and doesn't enjoy the same profit margin as it once did as it competes with companies such as Lands' End ©. L.L. Bean has also launched an aggressive ad campaign aimed at younger customers who do not know the story of the organization. L.L. Bean has done a good job of value creation but will need to hold with this business model until data comes in to conflict or affirm move. .
             Discuss the global challenges that they face in their supply chain.
             L.L. Bean produces its signature boots in the United States and it has two manufacturing facilities in Maine that make the boots, tote bags, and perform some customization of other manufactured products. "We try to source as close as we can to Maine where it makes economic sense to do so," says Vice President for Fulfillment Mike Perkins 1. L.L. Bean has maintained a code of conduct that is stressed in all of its suppliers and vendors. The reinvention of what the supply chain was before as a way of cutting cost, which it still is, and now moving towards adding value and the company itself identifying as a supply chain. The global challenges that are faced by L.

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