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Truths of Democracy - The Best Form of Education

             The Truth of Democracy: Best form of education .
             Pericles' democratic institution provides a good form of education for a student, but Arisotophanes' form of the Thinkery provides the best form of education. The democratic institution provides the citizens of Athens with a common goal to unite as Athenians and strive for a common goal, to improve Athens. The democratic institution structures its citizens and foreigners to assimilate to the Athenian way by being invested in Athens. By serving Athens and learning how to be courageous Athenians can profit the falsehood of freedom. In the Clouds, Aristophanes depicts the thinkery as place where the youth is misled and corrupted by Socrates' form of education. In the thinker Socrates deep lesson assist his student to think outside the box/model by using questioning, reason, and critical examination of evidence.
             Pericles' Funeral Oration addresses all the inhabitants of Athens in his speech which is to address those who have bravely fallen in combat. In his speech Pericles states that democracy in stills equality by stating that "everyone is equal before law" and it is expected of them to "service the state" (Warner, 37, 145). Pericles tries to establish a sense of belonging and fairness at the cost of the Athens' citizens desires. He goes on to say that "political life is free and open" (Warner, 37, 145), but in actuality it is forced on the citizens. Quickly excluding anyone who is not involved in politics by adding:.
             "we do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all." (Warner, 40, 147).
             Pericles speaks about "doing good to others" (Warner, 40, 147) and eliminates the inequality of wealth by saying "each individual is interested not only in his own affairs but in the affairs of the state" (Warner, 40, 147), but stratification existed in Athens.

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