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Biography - Celia, A Slave

            The book, "Celia, a Slave," gives detail accounts of what happened in a young slave life form the time she was fourteen until her execution. Celia was bought at the age of fourteen in 1855 by Robert Newsom. It was speculated that she was purchased only to fulfill the needs of her master. I those times it was frowned upon so in order to cover it up Robert Newsom gave Celia the responsibilities to take care of his two daughters Virginia and Mary. .
             By Celia being Newsom's sexual partner she was privileged to some things other slaves were not to. One of those privileges was a special cabin close to the main house, whereas other slaves stayed further away with smaller and poorer living conditions. During all the years she was a slave Celia had two children by Newsom. After five years of being with Newsom, Celia began a relationship with fellow slave George. In 1855 Celia became pregnant with her third and final child, although she was unsure as to whom her child's father was. George eventually gave Celia an ultimatum when he had enough of sharing her with their master. While Celia had explained that she didn't want to continue with him because she was pregnant Newsom did not listen and further told Celia he'd be b tonight. When Newsom enter Celia's home that evening she struck him in the head when he tried to force himself on her. He reached up to attack again and Celia delivered the second and fatal blow to the head. The fear of being executed caused Celia to burn the body in her fireplace. Authorities came and questioned Celia for ours until she confessed. Celia put in front of a judge and after months of trial found guilty of the murder of Robert Newsom. Celia was executed on December 21, 1855.
             Gender roles in slavery were always different from the part that male had to play. Typically females got the easier of the jobs like picking cotton, cooking, cleaning or taking care of the main house; whereas males were forced to do more strenuous tasks.

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