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Short Story - The Florescent Forest

            As I stray down the jam-packed streets, people swarm like busy bees. The buzzing of their voices ring in my head, over and over their new conversations pass my wondering ears. I barely understand a word that is being said, they are too jumbled and very disorienting. I feel like a young child that has been let free into a new world. I stop in my tracks and close my eyes and try to block out any and all sound from around me. Breathing profoundly, I can feel the frigid air rush into my warm lungs. It pierces my interior like a knife, but I will not let that stop me from making my way. The crisp wind kisses my warm nose like a small puppy's lick. The air tastes like the beginning of winter, which reminds me of home. I breathe out and open my eyes to see the frosty air release from my lungs, dancing away from me and fading to the wind. I wonder where my breath may go after it is invisible to my eyes. I smile at the unanswered thought, and trot along as I ponder the stumping concept. .
             As I continue my journey, I look down the street and see the largest crowd I have ever seen. I then stop and realize I have arrived to my long waited destination. My eyes meet the ravishing colors of pink petals dancing in the wind. My mind excitedly screams, "Utsukushi sakura no hana!" I smile wide like a child, eyes broad and blaring, as I walk toward the florescent forest of new discoveries. There are trees on both sides of the sidewalk. I start to walk down. Side by side, they seem to stretch for miles and miles. I watch as families surround the skinny trees with their enormous smiles. The children are being lifted by their family members to touch the delicate flowers and smell the overwhelmingly sweet aromas that they are giving off. Many different voices of laughter surround me. Nature really is the heart of true beauty.
             Bits of snow soon start to fall onto the pink petals. They are the sugar to top off this marvelous experience.

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