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Changing, Developing Las Vegas

             Also known as Sin City, Las Vegas is where people escape for a weekend of unforgettable fun. It is where one can go all out and indulge in pleasure and guilt. With forty million tourists a year, Vegas offers more than just gambling. It has varieties of attractions such as shows, pool parties, night clubs, and even legal prostitution. However, if you are not interested in the wild party life of Vegas and just want to go site seeing, then it is still the perfect place to be. According to Las Vegas Strip, "Fifteen of the world's 25 largest hotels by room count are on the Strip." These hotels are breath-taking. Water and fire shows outside of some hotels makes the hotels themselves very alluring. Some people believe that this monumental city was the vision of the famous mobster, Bugsy Siegel. According to Gragg from Las Vegas Who Built America's Playground, Benjamin Siegel was given credit as the visionary of the Las Vegas strip in the movie Godfather II. However, through research it was proven that Bugsy Siegel was not the visionary behind Las Vegas's greatness. Las Vegas was not built by a murderous mobster, but by a man with a vision clouded by his impulsive gambling habits and by dedicated community leaders who wanted their community to be laud.
             Benjamin Siegel, also known as "Bugsy," was a charming mobster who was known for his aggressive personality and murderous reputation. Benjamin Siegel was born on February 28, 1906 in New York City. Coming from a less fortunate family, Siegel chose the gang life at a young age. A retired New York mob investigator mentioned, "Ben did not want to go through school to get an education and get an ordinary job for whatever he wanted to achieve; that route was much too slow" (Singh). Benjamin Siegel and his little street gang did it all: everything from robbery to protection racket and even illegal gambling. However, Siegel always stood out from everyone else as the tough, fearless, and crazy individual; he was so crazy that people used to say he was crazier than a bed bug, which resulted in his nickname, "Bug.

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