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Review and Critique - Schindler's List

            Creating a true connection with the sufferings of the victims of the nightmarish Holocaust is almost an impossible job to do. To even grasp the fact that more than six million Jews were slaughtered is incredibly difficult. Museums, books, documentaries, movies and images enable us to educate ourselves about the horror during World War II, but to comprehend the sufferings is an extremely difficult task. However, Steven Spielberg did an amazing job of re-creating that terrifying and dark period during World War II in his award-winning film, Schindler's List. What makes it so different from other documentaries or films is that this film focuses on the 1100 Jews who survived, yet very cleverly illustrates the fact of how helpless and powerless those innocent six million Jews were. The film is based on the true story of a vainglorious and greedy Nazi Czech businessman named Oskar Schindler, played by the very talented actor Liam Neeson, who ends up showing his unlikely humanitarian side when he decides to save the Jewish people at the expense of his business.
             Czech-born Oskar Schindler arrives in Germany with the aim of manufacturing enamelware for the Nazi military and earning a fortune. Being an opportunistic member of the Nazi military, he gets hold of a factory for the production of army mess kits and cooking paraphernalia by lavishly bribing the SS officials and the army. Due to his lack of knowledge and experience in running a business like this, he hires Itzhak Stern, a functionary at the Jewish council, who happens to have connections with the underground Jewish business community in the ghetto. Schindler loans money from them and gives them a minute share of his production for trade on the black market. Suggested by Itzhak Stern to hire Jews instead of Poles as they will be cheaper, Schindler starts hiring Jewish workers who are deemed "essential" by the Nazi bureaucracy and are eventually saved from the cruel execution in the concentration camps.

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