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Movie Summary - Coach Carter

            From day one, education is the most important thing to Coach Carter. Based on the true story of Coach Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) and high school basketball team the Richmond Oilers, Coach Carter centers on a reluctant coach as he takes the job as the team's skipper. Coach Carter, alongside his freshman, ex-prep school son (Robert Richard), slowly begins to turn the team from inner city losers into student athletes. Carter's rigorous workout routine not only stretches the boundaries of the human body but also the mind. When the team and their parents cause a stir concerning how grades are not as important as a little "hoops", Carter locks down the gym, canceling practices and games in an attempt to make the Oilers winners both on and off the court. .
             In the film, Coach Carter demonstrated values such as liberty, equality, and justice when he allowed the players on his team the liberty to choose to play, to choose to achieve, to choose to sign the contract of behavior. He showed respect and high expectations instilling equality among the team. Coach Carter also demonstrated justice when he expected and upheld the contract and did not allow anyone to get around the contract. All were held to it. Coach carter engaged with the team in such a way that leaders and followers rise on to higher levels of motivation and morality. Moreover, he taught five important values that changed the lives of his students forever: Discipline, Respect, Teamwork, Courage, and Humility. Ken Carter stood firm despite the objections of everyone (e.g. parents, school staff) on how harsh his rules are. Even if a lot of people misunderstood him, he still insisted on getting the progress reports of the players to ensure that they do not flounder academically. When Ken Carter first met the players, he called them "Sir" which is too unusual as they are not used to being called "Sir." With their recent losses, they have low self-esteem as much as they have low self-respect and respect with their teammates.

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