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South African Music

            The various types of music that the film documented was vocal music which is a missionary emphasis on choirs mixed with vocal music from South Africa it's basically acapella singing blend in the style of Western hymns with original native harmonies. Vocal music is very traditional to South Africa and it was common, it also had dances involved and social gathers and had complex call-and-response patterns. The film also documented instrumental music where you can see the drum or the flute; It also featured mbaqanga which is a famous South African dance combined with traditional elements of chanting and drumming and the film also featured a lot of maskanda also known as Zulu folk music. It also featured snapping which I really enjoyed; very creative it reminded me of Jackson five's vocal choirs. This film showed and also defended their ethnic recognition and showed how they all had hoped and aspirations. Off of research I believe this film was filmed secretly and with potential danger to the crew who were filming it. This film documented observed black South African music as an opposition to apartheid. The musicians artwork featured in the film were disregarded, broken, denied, ignored, and suppressed. The film also explored how the music industry works in South Africa and it revealed how Zulu workers practiced their secret war dance rituals against white people. It also showed prisoners being interviewed and live performances in quarantined townships. The three types of South African music and performance that were interesting to me were the vocal music, maskanda, mbaqabga. The vocal music is also known as isicathamiya that is a singing style used by a cappella which derived from South African Zulus. This is an all men choral music which interests me because it symbolizes the horrifying experiences many black South African had to go through, but yet they make it sound amazing! I like how choirs are made up of mostly of basses joined by a couple of tenors, and alto and a lead vocalist.

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