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Factory Production, Railroads and Mining

            Between the end of the Civil War and the early twentieth century, the United States underwent one of the most rapid and profound economic revolutions any country has ever experienced1. It has to be noticed that the United States has a greatly expanding economy in 19 centuries due to the industrialization. Once Eric Foner said that, "The rapid expansion of factory production, mining and railroad construction in all parts of the country. Americans of the late nineteenth century marveled at the triumph of the new economy."2 As far as people concerned, factory production, railroads and mining are the three of the most important industries pushed the economy of the United States during the industrial expansion. Behind the prosperities of those three, there are several significantly thrusts pushing them become the support of United States' economy, which were the industrial technology, immigration and self-interest. .
             The growth of United States' cities and the development of industrial technology gave rise to a number of features of urban life not before seen in American history, which resulted in the increase of the factory production. It can be said with certainty that since the additional industrial tools rapidly increased the quality and efficiency of the factory system, the development of technology profoundly affected social and economic conditions in the United States. Back to the old days, before the factory some systems had many products such as shoes and boots were made by the skilled craftsmen who usually custom-made an entire article. It is usual that commercial goods were done by different people in their home individually. As populations grew in cities, the demands for manufactured goods increased, in order that a number of workshop owners began to hire employees to satisfy the increasing needs of productions. With the high efficiency increasing the productivity remarkably, factory system replaced the domestic system, in which individual workers used hand or simple machinery to make goods in their own homes inefficiently.

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