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Personal Narrative - A Cat Named Merry

            Will your pet try to tell you when they feel hungry? Animals always try to "talk" with people even though they do not know how to speak. Previously, I thought house pets only need to listen to their master and enjoy all the things that their masters provide them, but I changed my mind when I met this intelligent cat, that clearly knows what she wants. .
             When I was in Canada, the city that I lived named Oakville, which was peaceful and easeful. And the people who lived there liked to walk around the lake after dinner. I chose to stay in a homestay nearby my college. The house I lived was not quite big, but sweet. I heard from the master that they had an old cat named Merry before I moved there. I was really excited, because I love cats very much. They are docile and persuadable. Fortunately, the room that I lived in is the place where Merry loves to stay. She likes to creep up to my bed and jump up; after finding a comfortable place she will sleep for the whole afternoon. Naturally, we became good friends soon. Merry is a fat and lazy cat compared to others. She likes sitting on the sofa and staring into the distance, just like an old lady. But I wanted her lie on my leg when I met her, but she looked like she did not want to supporting my idea, so she just pretended feeling comfortable, stretched herself and left fast. Every time she made me feel I was the little animal always asked for some attention. .
             One day in the morning, before I went to school, Merry was sitting in front of my door and yelled loudly for a long time until I opened my door and checked what happened. She turned around quickly and ran to the stairs when she realized I took notice of her, looking like she tried to say "come on". At the same time, she looked back to me frequently and checked whether I followed her. I felt quite curious and went after her to the kitchen. Then I saw she was strolling around the same position.

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