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Tyranny of the Minority

            The United States of America is highly notorious for its democratic government that openly distinguishes the country as one that serves its people like what Lincoln supposed as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. However, despite the belief that the majoritatian policy always prevails, Tyranny of the Minority , 2009, by Bishin, otherwise rejects it. He proves that politicians do not always turn out towards the democratic ideals of the government. Bishin conducts a test using statistical social psychology and the identity theory and proves that candidates prefer issues that constituencies are strongly passionate about. As we take a more rigorous look into the American government, the intensity of the voters in minority and active groups regarding certain issues is the driving force for candidates' participation. Bishin take a turn and confronts Paul Frymer's theory of the median voter and marginalization of the minority groups by explaining his subconstituency theory that the minority's power can actually affect voter turnouts. Bishin also discusses more about external and smaller political conflicts regarding social identities of constituents that highly concerns themselves with issues such as the Cuban trade embargo, gay and lesbian hate crime, assault weapons ban, and abortion. However, Frymer talks more about internal conflicts regarding race and gender equality. Moreover, Frymer hypothesize the minorities being marginalized by candidates in attempt to get the median votes. .
             Frymer's theory of the median voter and the marginalization of the minority are based on the interest of the majority and their capability to sway candidates to their will. These median voters are the moderate white voters that takes up the wider middle part of the bell curve with the left extremists as the liberals and the right extremists as the conservatives on each ends of the curve.

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