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Casualties of Law Enforcement - Homicide and Suicide

             This work is an overview of the increase in deaths of law enforcement agents: those killed on duty and those who kill themselves. As per a yearly report[ CITATION Ber14 l 1033 ], the number of law enforcement agents killed while working rose almost a quarter this past year compared to years prior, especially ambush-style killings. Police officers across the country face potential dangers on their job, and they are a target simply because they are in uniform. As well, every 17 hours an officer commits suicide (Berman, 2014). This paper explores the correlation of the stress experienced by law enforcement associated with general strain theory (GST). GST is an explanation for suicide ideation for law enforcement officers. Other articles observe that police officers may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a critical incident or a traumatic experience. PTSD awareness is critical for saving lives. Why is there an increase in law enforcement deaths and suicides, and what needs to occur to change this trend?.
             Keywords: post-traumatic stress disorder, general strain theory.
             There were 50 officers murdered by shootings in 2014, a leap from the 32 such deaths a year prior (Berman, 2014). One officer killed is one officer too many, and this trend needs to be reversed. How does society stop this? Altogether, 126 law enforcement officers died in 2014, an increase of almost a quarter from the 102 officers who were killed in 2013 (Berman, 2014). What is causing this increase in law enforcement officers' deaths? .
             The most concerning about the measurement is that the number of deaths are from ambush assaults, more than some other sort of shooting (Berman, 2014). There is an emergent number of ambush-style killings against law enforcement officers, which increases the growing concern about a growing anti-government sentiment. This is causing people to be violent towards law enforcement officers.

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