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Analysis of The White Tiger

            In most cultures, children are raised with a set of morals and ideals to strive for. However, what is rarely mentioned is the difficulty of embodying these ideals, especially when one's closest companions have the most impact on one's morality. This struggle is prevalent in the development of the protagonist Balram Halwai in The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. Mr Ashok and the Halwai family have many influences on this story, however their most vital contributions are being the sources of the corruption of the White Tiger within Balram Halwai. The Halwai family breaches his family morals, while Mr Ashok, his employer, offers him opportunities only attainable by treachery.
             To begin with, the Halwai family's relentless attempts to profit off of Balram is the source of the breach in his family ties and values. When Balram first encounters success, his Grandma Kusum ┬áis ready to spoil that career success for family wealth. During Balram's visit to his family home, his Grandma entertains the idea of him marrying, to which Kusum answers, "We'll fix up the wedding for later this year, okay?"(Adiga 73). Balram outraged by this proposition, replies, "I said, I'm not marrying!"(Adiga 74). For the majority of his life, Balram has sacrificed for his family, whether it be school or paychecks. But his family crosses the threshold by forcing him to sacrifice his job for a dowry. This act causes Balram to sever ties with his family and stop sending them money. In an ideal family, a son endeavours to keep his family close, however Balram's family made it arduous for the White Tiger to achieve this ideal. Moreover, the Halwai family encounters their demise after once again demanding a considerable sacrifice from Balram. After multiple letters threatening to expose his wrongdoings to the Stork, Balram forces his family to face the consequences of his crimes. While walking around Delhi, Balram hallucinates, "[.

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