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Antigone Monologue

            My character is Antigone and for my five symbols I have chosen a mule, angel wings and a halo, the grim reaper, a feminist symbol and a dog. For my first symbol, the mule, this represents Antigone's stubbornness, given the saying "stubborn as a mule". I have chosen stubbornness as one of Antigone's traits because that along with loyalty are her Hamartia's. Her stubbornness brings her demise as she refuses to change her ways and buries Polynieces. The next symbol is angel wings and a halo. These are representative of Antigone's devotion to the practice of divine law. Her downfall revolves around this devotion to divine law and pushes her to make many choices throughout the novel, such as disobeying Creon's decree in order to follow the laws of the gods. The grim reaper represents Antigone's welcoming of death and her respect for the dead overpowering her respect for the living. She states that she must please the dead far long than she must please the living. Antigone is not swayed by the sacrifice of her own life to continue her devotion to divine law. The feminist symbol is representative of Antigone's strength as a woman during a time when women had very few rights and were ruled by men. Ismene states "Remember too that we are women, not made to fight with men. Since they who rule us are stronger far than we, in this and worse we must obey them". Antigone goes against the standards society has set out for her. Finally the dog represents her loyalty to divine law and her family. She breaks human laws to stay loyal to her brother as well as the gods. .
             Antigone: There was never a demise as bittersweet as mine. Although we never welcome death with open arms, I accept my fate graciously. For I will forever be in the favour of the dead. My deed done out of loyalty to divine law brings me pride, for I must please the dead far longer than I must please the living. I could never think that a decree of Creon's could override the laws of the Heaven.

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