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Canada, Jewish Refugees and the Holocaust

            Some decades ago, there existed a world filled with so much hate and anger that 6 million innocent individuals were killed. Some decades ago, Canada, a nation that prides itself on its robust Charter of Human Rights and Freedom, denied and were reluctant to help those involved in this tragedy. The Holocaust is a disturbing and a shameful chapter in Canadian history. In the context of World War 2, Jewish refugees were fleeing from Europe to Canada in order to find peace and security, but instead of aiding the Jews, the Canadian people greeted them with an anti – Semitic attitude. The first argument in this essay is the reluctance of the Canadian Government to allow Jewish refugees to enter their country, which follows by the Jewish refugees being sent to internment camps, and lastly the Jewish refugees being interred as "enemy aliens. During World War Two, Jewish refugees were being treated harshly and unfairly in Canada in the context of the Holocaust, seeing that they were refused entry into Canada, they were sent to internment camps, and were labelled as "enemy aliens." .
             Firstly, Jewish refugees were treated unfairly and harshly in Canada during the Holocaust by being denied entry into the country. Canada was amongst one of the few nations that were refusing entry to more than 900 Jewish refugee passengers on the M.S St. Louis in 1939 (Government of Canada, 2013). On May 13, 1939 Canada had refused entry to the 937 Jewish passengers on the M.S St. Louis, and this denial is one of the reasons why many of them had died in the Holocaust. The vessel had been turned away by many countries and the last hope they had was to either settle in Canada or the United States, but Canada did not want the Jewish people travelling on the vessel. "None is too many," an immigration agent would say of the Jewish refugees such as those abroad the M.S St. Louis (National Post News, 2011).

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