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American Gangster Through an Ethnical Lens

            American Gangster is a biography, crime and drama move. This movie is an excellent biography. Directed by Ridley Scott with writing credits to Steven Zaillian and Mark Jacobson. This movie was released on October 19, 2007 and premiered in New York City, New York. American Gangster in total premiered in 45 other countries with its last premiere in Chile of February 2008. This movie was nominated for Oscars from The Academy Awards, USA for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Achievement in Art Direction. Also nominated for Golden Globe awards for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director - Motion Picture. Other awards the movie was nominated for were; Six nominations from the BAFTA awards, sixteen nominations and one win from Screen Actors Guild Awards, one nomination and win from ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, one nomination and win from African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), one nomination and win from Alliance of Women Film Journalists, thirteen nominations from Art Directors Guild and were nominated for forty-three other awards and won six of those forty-three nominations from seventeen various award ceremonies. This movie alone on opening weekend in the United States grossed over $43,565,135.
             The film American Gangster is decoded through an ethical view lens. American Gangster is a true story of a drug lord by the name of Frank Lucas. Denzel Washington portrays Frank Lucas in this film and the detective that eventually notices Frank Lucas is played by Russel Crowe. Frank is from South Carolina but finds his way to Harlem and becomes "Bumpy" Johnson's driver and the person who would collect money owed to "Bumpy." Frank would later become his successor after "Bumpy" dies from a heart attack. Frank Lucas figures out a way to get Heroin into Harlem from Vietnam.

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