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The Things I Carry

            Most people of our era have questioned the past. How did they do that? Why didn't they invent that then? With answering these questions we begin to understand that things weren't as easy as they are now. They didn't have backpacks on wheels or cellphones that hold within them almost every piece of your life in it. Things were more physical and to the point. Nowadays with all that has been given to us, physical objects are much easier to carry with us on our daily routines. Though with having less in our hands physically, we tend to have more on our minds. We are reading, scrolling and constantly thinking, carrying the weight of struggles, emotions, opinions and more on our minds. The things I take with me everywhere daily are my optimism, phone, my mom, my purse and my pride. These objects that I carry that make and show who I am. .
             Optimism is one of the most important things I carry because it's what keeps me to be happy. Although just like others I have my bad days, being optimistic saves me from living in a bad day. By "living in a bad day", I mean continuing to weep and dwell on an unwelcoming situation. When things get ugly for me, I try to see the bigger picture of it and hope that things will get better. If I cannot change a situation, I will make the best of it and move on. My optimism helps me paint a better picture of almost every situation I find myself in. It is similar to a special talent because not many people are born or built with a mentality such as mine. Not all humans are able to see the brighter side of things, but because I can, I will continue to carry my optimism everywhere and anywhere I go.
             Amongst the other five objects I never forget to take with me is my phone. Holding more than 5 GB of apps and messages, my phone also holds my dearest memories. I love taking pictures to capture every moment I never want to forget. When I'm down or just bored waiting for the train, I enjoy going to my photos and just reminiscing on those priceless moments with my friends and family.

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