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My Testimony - Born Again in Christianity

            Growing up in my family was different. My dad is Catholic and my mom is Christian. When I was a kid I was introduced to the Catholic life style and the Christian lifestyle. I use to go to the Catholic Church with my dad every once in a while. In my opinion the Catholic Church was very quiet and as a kid I did not understand why. When I went to church with my mom at Faithful Central it was filled with lots of preaching and uplifting music. I personally liked the Christian church a lot more and I spend a lot more time there. The day I realized I liked the Christian church a lot more I stopped going to the Cathlic church with my dad and identified myself as a Christian ever since. I liked the Christian church but as a kid I did not like to go because my mom always went to the morning service, and I did not like to wake up at seven o'clock every morning. I was also the type of kid to think for myself. I did not like to be forced into doing things I did not want to do. .
             A couple years later as I grew up I started getting into skateboarding and partying and just having fun doing things most teenagers do. One day I was driving in the car with some friends and I started to just wonder how humans exist and how did anything in this world get created. I also started to think about God. If God is so good and powerful why do the most horrible things happen to good people? Later that night I decided I was atheist and I didn't know what to believe. I felt this was for sometime until I began to see and witness the power of God and my faith and belief was back into my Lord and Savior. .
             The day I realized what I truly believe in Christianity I was born again. I prayed and apologized that I stopped believing in him for sometime and I accepted him as my Lord and Savior again. Ever since then I have been born again. I have been going to church as much as I can. When I am not able to go to church I go to bible study every Wednesday to learn the Word of God.

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