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Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

            Business ethics is when a company takes responsibility for their actions by doing what is right. Ethics and social responsibility are fundamental to an organization. Organizations have many responsibilities that need to be in perfect balance in order for an organization to become successful. The company I work for is a community based not for profit adult mental health agency. This agency is governed by a group of community members and professionals who serve as the board of directors. Employees are held to high personal and professional standards in their dealings with individuals, other professionals, and members of the community.
             The agency assess ethical behavior at workplace with a vision to cooperatively develop a high quality, fully integrated system of service and support that responds to the needs of those affected with mental illness in our community. Dedication to community service is shown within the values of the agency, which include: strengths guided, individualized treatment, evidence based practices, wellness and recovery, family and social supports, and community integration. In order to embrace diversity employees have to show a responsibility to the community by treating coworkers and community members with respect, fairness, and courtesy. The agency fosters tolerance and understanding in the community by promoting the acceptance of persons with mental illness and assisting in efforts to educate the public on issues of diversity, mental health, and opportunities for persons with disabilities. This also ties in with having compassion for the disadvantaged. Rating this agency for its overall ethical behavior is not difficult to do and personally I would give it high marks for its commitment to value, vision, and upholding professional ethics in the community and within the agency itself. This agency is an employer of choice "a great place to work" and values employee loyalty while providing competitive compensation and benefits as well as opportunities for professional growth.

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