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Population Deceleration

            People from the United States of America do not wake up every morning thinking that there will be no food at the super market or that you would have to pay an arm and a leg to get that gallon of milk that your family needs, but in other countries that is the cold hard truth. In the Peoples Republic of China, they cannot grow enough food to feed their whole country, while in other places people are just out of reach of any food supply, like the people in the economic hole of Chad. Not only are these problems brought by famine, but just having too many people in place where the amount of food produced is too small and cannot withhold its own people. This brings up the main problem, why is the world's growing population problem going to lead to economic problems, food shortages, depletion of natural resources, degradation of environment, wars, and higher unemployment; unless it is dealt with in the near future with better education, family planning, tax benefits, and sex education.
             Decline in death rate, better medical facilities, more people to overcome poverty, and technological advancements in fertility treatment are the four main reasons for today's population problem. At the base of the overpopulation problem is that people are simply having more kids then people are dying, (UN). This is due to people that used to live around sixty or seventy years and pass away because of the poorly advanced medical system to a medical system that can bring people back form death after they were gone for a minute or two. The human has also made its way to the top of the food change making us not on any animals' normal menu. People also have not had the deaths that humans used to have due to poverty. With all the government handouts in most of the developed countries, people have hard time, but rarely does anyone die from not having the money to support themselves, (UN). Another big problem was the fact that in the past people that were infertile did not have children or had to adopt a child, but now you have people that just go to the doctors and have eight kids all in one pregnancy.

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