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Supernatural Elements in Literature

            For over a thousand years, mankind has always feared the world of the unknown. Fear has always been man's most primal instinct since the dawn of time. Their irrational fear has led them to extreme paranoia and a strong feeling of hatred for anything that is unfathomable. But first, what exactly is the "unknown?" and why is it so frightening? Well, all throughout history, the "unknown" has been anything that is imperceivable in the everyday world and was deemed "otherworldly." In today's day and age, "otherworldly forces" are now dubbed as the "supernatural.".
             The supernatural or the paranormal world itself is an abstract concept to fully grasp. It is filled with many extraordinary creatures such as witches, vampires, demons, and even ghosts. Although these oddities are typically found in human imagination, the use of their myth and lore has been spun into many great literary works over the centuries. The eccentricity of the supernatural world is what makes it such a popular genre for audiences to enjoy. In many epic stories and poems, authors have been successful in conveying basic human concepts through intricately crafted supernatural characters. For example, some supernatural beings can represent simple themes of temptation or vice. When boiled down to its most common form, the supernatural primarily exists in the literary device that is known as "Good vs. Evil." Good and Evil and are such relative terms, but, they represent the most popular theme when it comes to the supernatural. Quite frankly, some would believe that the supernatural world and "good vs. evil" go largely hand in hand with one another. Good is often portrayed by a baseline mortal while evil is depicted as the strange, otherworldly creature with sinister motives. .

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