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The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

            "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol," is a novel inspired by Andy Warhol. This book is about Warhol's life, and what led him to become the artist that we know today. Andy Warhol is known for creating the style of art called, "Pop Art." This is what brought Andy Warhol to fame beginning in the 1960's. Andy Warhol is a man who knows what to do to stand out, in ways that others just did not. One of the main themes of this book would be creativity. Everything that Andy Warhol does is based on his creative mind. Ever since Andy was a little kid he was always different from everyone, and looked upon as an outcast. He was diagnosed with a disease chorea, in third grade. Warhol was sick in bed with nothing to do. Therefore, Warhol would read, draw, and listen to the radio in his spare time, because of his illness. .
             Andy had a very creative imagination. He loved art growing up, he moved from Philadelphia to New York City, to pursue his dream and passion of becoming an artist. Warhol met tons of people with similar feelings and aspects on art. He found people with the same mindset as him, and he began to fit in with New Yorkers. Although he was still considered different, it was all portrayed in a good way. They loved him for his different ways, creativity, and love for art. Being in New York City lifted his spirits. His personality shined and he was not closed off, like he was for most of his life. .
             Warhol's creativity bloomed when living in New York. He was a person who thought out of the box, with everything he did. He was never ordinary. One of the pieces that he is known for is the picture of the Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup can. His style of artwork was built around a lot of imitations and reproductions of things that have already been done or created. Andy Warhol was known for this type of art, and is the second theme in this novel. .
             Warhol was known for his famous pieces like paintings of bananas, Coca-Cola bottles, boxes of Brillo pads, and the picture of Marilyn Monroe.

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