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Problems w/Elderly Drivers

            Old Driver: Older Drivers have more driving experience which makes them safe drivers. The more experience a person has in what they do, the better they become at it. Elderly are rarely ticketed for speeding or other dangerous illegal activity because they are extra cautious drivers. As people get older, most have fewer citations. They are also much less likely to be suspended and are less likely to be responsible for an accident. The facts show: maturity and additional years of driving experience make a big positive difference. .
             Also, as people get older they often "self-regulate" their driving. Older drivers tend to avoid rush hour traffic, poor weather conditions, and night driving. Additionally, once they enter retirement, their need to drive often drops, reducing on-road exposure time and lessening the likelihood of an accident. To make them take yearly driving tests is unnecessary and even offensive to elderly.
             My counter #1: It is true that the actual number of accidents for elder drivers is low. But, in fact, for drivers over age 75 the proportion having accidents rises dramatically. In fact, statistics show it is is comparable to that of young drivers. Statistics also show that older drivers are more likely than either middle age or younger drivers to be in two-vehicle accidents. And they are more often involved in side impact accidents, often the result of an illegal left turn. Elderly drivers sometimes have difficulty navigating complex traffic situations, vehicle crashes at intersections increase markedly with age. Elderly drivers are also more likely to get ticketed for failing to yield, turning improperly and running stop signs and red lights than other age groups too. .
             Old Driver Rebuttal: Revoking an elderly person's drivers license over a certain age is not an acceptable solution. Elderly driving skills vary widely at all ages. It is unfair to punish most elderly drivers for problems caused by only a few drivers.

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