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Tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company

            Throughout time there have always been industrial fires or accidents but one of the most famous fires for all the wrong reasons is the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire. The industrial fire that occurred on March 25, 1911 was one of the deadliest fires during its time. The fire ended up killing a grand total of 146 workers who ended up either trapped inside the building or ended up jumping 8 floors. In the documentary Triangle Fire produced by Jamilia Wignot discusses the striking of the Triangle Waistshirt Company workers, the desire for a union, and ultimately the fire that occurred in the factory. Due to this tragic event America was able to grow and make better legislation when it comes to labor laws. But, before watching this documentary the viewers should know that unions were just beginning to become popular and not a common amenity. The documentary has a focus on the Triangle Shirtwaist company workers that end up striking for a union among other things that would carry along with a union.
             Documentaries aren't usually known for their appeal and for most people to want to watch them but in Triangle fire you are able to enjoy all the scenes. This documentary never has dull, starting from the first scene the documentary gets right into the story and shows what the triangle fire did. It goes on the say that the fire ended up killing 100 plus people in the factory, and then goes on to show how New Yorkers bonded around them and all showed up to this memorial area so that these girls wouldn't be forgotten. Another scene that grabs the viewers' attention is when the Triangle Shirtwaist owners Isaac Blanck and Max Harris hired other people to work for them, bought prostitutes to fight the girls, and paid off the police so that they would only arrest the girls that fought back. Furthermore during the documentary the viewer sees an elevator shaft go down while there are women that don't fit in and they get engulfed in flames.

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