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Film Analysis - 2001: A Space Odyssey

             Social, Historical and Cultural Context.
             A Space Odyssey contributes to the ground-breaking impact it had on cinema, and has ultimately influenced the content of the film. The central themes are strongly influenced by political and cultural developments at the time – particularly the beginnings of the space age. .
             America in the 1960s was in a radical period of change. The civil rights movement tackling racial segregation, the assassination of Present Kennedy, and the continuation of the cold war, involving the 'space race' between the United States and Russia.
             2001: A Space Odyssey began production in 1964, just after the assassination of President Kennedy. Just before he died, he made the promise to put man on the moon before the decade was out, which was eventually achieved in 1969, the year after 2001 was released. The tension between the USA and Russia was high during the 1960s. Concern was high after the Cuban missile crisis in the 1950s, and the invasion of Czechoslovakia further increased unease. However there was an emerging vision of hope. Apollo 8 was launched in December 1968, shifting the focus of the American people from political unrest to a leap in future advancements. The trend encouraged the likely prediction of a leap in technology for the human race – the beginnings of the space age. The themes of 2001 are predominantly on human achievement and the evolution of man over millennia. Despite the cold atmosphere of the film, the emphasis is on the advancement of the human race. The mystery of the monoliths creates a sense of wonder that encourages the viewer to be hopeful. Considering the emerging attitudes of the time, the movie's themes are more than likely a reflection of this. Thus it stands as a cultural artifact of America in the 1960s. .
             Cultural and social influences have also influenced the content of this film. In the late 1960s, social groups were emerging in America.

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