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Business Strategies for Callaway Golf

            In this paper, appropriate value discipline, generic and grand strategies will be discussed for Callaway Golf. Historical data will be examined and used as support throughout this paper. An overview of value discipline as described by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema will be given. Michael Porter's views on generic and grand strategies are discussed and applied appropriately to Callaway Golf and its current business strategies.
             Value Discipline.
             All three value disciplines as described by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema greatly benefit Callaway golf in a variety of ways. Operational excellence and the convenience and product reliability it provides its customers is important to Callaway. However Callaway is not attempting to lead the industry in price and convenience, thus placing operational excellence as a value discipline behind customer intimacy (Pearce II & Robinson, Jr., 2013). Product leadership and Customer Intimacy by definition fit the Callaway brand. Callaway is continuously producing state of the art equipment designed with detailed creativity that fits all playing levels of today's golfing customers. As Callaway continually produces products that are tailored for today's customer, they are creating long term customers that are loyal and willing to pay for quality equipment. According to "Callaway Corporate Overview" (2015), "through an unwavering commitment to innovation, Callaway Golf Company creates products and services designed to deliver serious performance and serious fun for every golfer. We are a global leader in advanced golf technology, and for 30 years we have consistently found new ways to empower golfers of all abilities". .
             Generic Strategy.
             Cost Leadership, Differentiation, and Focus. Michael Porter argued that businesses typically fall into one of these generic strategies. Generic strategies could be used by any firm to obtain competitive advantage (Porter, 1998).

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