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The Reign of Maximillian Robespierre

            ´╗┐Maximillian Robespierre was an important figure who played a major role during the course of the French Revolution. Robespierre strived for ''a peaceful enjoyment of liberty and equality''as he defended the third estate during the period of social upheaval, which upraised his political role during the reign of terror in 1793 to 1794. Robespierre's role ended when he was guillotined as a result of the bloodbath he had led France into. Despite being a radical, Robespierre played a significant political role during the French Revolution and reign of terror, leaving a legacy of social justice for the Third Estate after his execution in 1794. .
             Robespierre was appointed First Deputy for Paris to the National Convention in 1793, which increased his power during the French revolution. Robespierre executed the king in 1793, stating that 'Louis must die in order for the Revolution to live' as he believed Louis was the symbol of the aristocrats expansion. This shows that Robespierre's role was to protect the revolution against those who are against it, which meant that violence was a political requirement. For the same reason, thousands of many lives of counter revolutionaries were lost under the guillotine, which led to the abolishment of the French monarchy due to Robespierre's influences. His condemnation for the monarchy and support for democratic reforms turned France into a republic which increased his power, as he became president of the Jacobins who believed in the revolution with the third estate. Robespierre has smoothed the way for the rise of a French Republic shown through the execution of France's king. Therefore, Robespierre's role of holding firm control over France turned a new leaf as he changed the French monarchy to a republic, marking a new era in France's history. .
             The reign of terror was a period from 1793 to 1794 where paranoia of counter revolutionary influences haunted Robespierre.

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