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The Magna Carter and Canada

            The Magna Carter is now recognized as one of the most important documents in the development of democracy, some of it beliefs are still prominent in a free society focusing on Canada, although formed over 800 years ago. Some of it's clause that will be analyzed further are decisions making, bribery and rights for citizens and the philosophy of innocent until proven guilty. .
             "No scrutage [tax] shall be imposed except by the concept of the common council". This law once analyzed translates to the common council deciding together if a law should be passed, the law cannot be passed without the common council being aware of the decision. This rule is important in a free society focusing on Canada because, it involves the insights of multiple people to come to the conclusion of a decision. This method prevents the possibility of bad decisions being made, seeing as decisions are reviewed by multiple people before it becomes a law. It is also very important to the Canadian society because it reduces conflicts from breaking out since most people will be satisfied on the decision (majority wins). We can see the Canadian system practicing this rule through The House of Commons. This is where bills are debated upon by the House and decisions are made based on majority vote. This shows that the Canadian society believes that the common council must be in agreement of the imposition of a law before it is passed, like the quote stated.
             "To no one will we sell, to none will we deny or delay, right or justice". This clause exemplifies the concept of Judicial corruption. It translates to people not paying a judge in order to achieve a certain verdict or bribing those in power to benefit oneself. It also acknowledges protection of citizen entitled rights such as right to vote, making it important to Canada as a free nation because it allows citizens to be free rather than restricted.

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