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Three Marriages in Their Eyes Were Watching God

            In the novel, "Their Eyes Were Watching God," by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie Crawford encounters three marriages. One with a man named Logan Hillicks, a second with a man named Joe Starks, and another with a man named Tea Cake. Janie goes through different hardships between each marriage, and learns through each experience.
             Janie's relationship with Logan Hillicks was ugly and dull. What led Janie to Logan was that Nanny, her grandmother, felt that he was a sense of security for Janie. Nanny saw Logan as a hard-working farmer, with a comfortable house. Janie saw him as old and unattractive. Janie says, "He look like some ole skullhead in de grave yard." From her marriage with Logan, Janie learns that marriage does not necessarily mean love. She learns that being the wife of a farmer isn't enough for her, and does not like being told what to do. She cannot live a life without any romance.
             Janie's relationship with Joe Starks was very close-mouthed. When Janie first meets Joe, she believes that she is in love, but in all reality she is blinded by his faults. Joe values his prized possessions and wealth more than he does his wife. He believes that Janie cannot be socially active with anyone but him. Soon Joe becomes sick, but with the love that Janie has for him. This doesn't allow her to leave him. She stays by his side, and does everything that she can for him. In the end, Joe dies and Janie feels prize winning; as if she has won freedom at last.
             Janie's relationship with Tea Cake was extremely powerful, loving, and caring for Janie. When Janie first meets Tea Cake, she is a little shaky with opening up to him, because of her previous marriage with Joe. Tea Cake eventually wins Janie's heart because he is so fun, loving, and nothing like her other husbands. Janie enjoys her freedom with Tea Cake, she is able to speak and do things freely. He encourages Janie, and makes her feel good about herself.

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