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The Fat Girl by Andre Dubus

            Do you have self-control of what you eat every day? In his short story "The Fat Girl," Andre Dubus shows the destructive way society views food and addiction and how it adversely affects woman. Also, describes a young woman's uncontrollable urge to eat to the point of obesity as it is the story of psychological hunger, not only for the love but also for acceptance as a whole person. Besides, overweight can be a serious issue for your health and also for your appearance. Most people treat other person different because of their ideal looks and body types. .
             You see many advertisements about food addiction on televisions, magazines, and internet. But many people do not see what happens to them when you eat too much junk food or when you eat unhealthy product. Women are more likely to be concerned about their looks. That is why they go to the gym to stay fit and active. In the story "The Fat Girl," Dubus describes how her mother thinks she will not find a significant other because of her weight: "In five years you'll be in high school and if you're fat the boys won't like you; they won't ask you out." (124) For example, when you go out on a blind date, you are expecting someone who is blonde, tall, pretty looking like a "Barbie." But in reality, you are shocked and confused because it did not turn out the way you expected her to look. .
             There are many ways to avoid being overweight. One would be by eating healthier and cleaner. Second, exercising on a daily basis, for example like riding a bike or walking to the park. Lastly, limiting your food amount you eat every day. If you do not have self-control of what you eat, your health can be at risk. My sister was an outgoing person who loves to eat at fancy restaurants and fast food with her friends. When my mother tells my sister to be careful on what you eat, she did not bother to listen. One day, she would get constants headaches not knowing why, although she was curious.

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