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Literary Analysis of Scarlet Letter

            Characteristics willingly apply to all those who except them into their lives. Among many, valued character trait's range for great importance to those of least importance. To capture ones full trust you must always present truthfulness in various, common everyday situations, ranging from strong moral values among friends to those of the ones you love. Nathaniel Hawthorne presented to readers how valuable telling and concealing truths may be by his compelling novel, The Scarlet Letter. His fictional characters parallel to roles of those enduring heart-pounding punishments for denying truths of those that the everyday person can encounter. .
             Almost always, people find love in forbidden places. The Scarlet letter places essential characters in representation of certain things that would be considered forbidden relationships. Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale create and portray an adulteress relationship between them and yet conceal their love. Hester in which, whom has ventured into another community alone seeks the love of another while still being married. Her intimate lover is Arthur Dimmesdale, an ordained minister in the Puritan community. The two shares what is to be known as a forbidden interaction and yet deny it when Hester's husband becomes present in the novel. The two hide their love in the novel when Hester is presented on the scaffold and yet notices a stranger among the many of the townspeople while is confronted on the issue of who her alleged adulterer may be. " If thou feelest it to be for thy souls peace, and that thy earthly punishment will thereby be made more effectual to .
             Salvation, I charge the to speak out the name of thy fellow-sinner and fellow sufferer!" (pg.63) Dimmesdale, while asking these questions to Hester, allows them to conceal their secret relationship from the townspeople and as well the strangers in the community.
             While being secluded on the scaffold, Hester comes across what seems to be familiar face in the crowd.

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