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Closed and Open Adoptions

            The foundation of the adoption system is a reflection of how the world is evolving today. Years ago, adoption was mostly all closed, with few open adoption families. Nowadays, open adoption is becoming popular. The choice of open adoption versus closed adoption is one of the most challenging decision birth parents can make. In both processes of adoption, an agreement is created with the details of the terms and conditions so both the birth and adoptive parents are able to receive and keep them. An ongoing debate among states and the United States legislations is trying to compromise on these two types methods and whether or not it is in their power to interfere. Open adoption is the best adoption method because if a child gets sick, diagnosing the illness is easier, and the adoptee is able to communicate with his or her birth parents so he or she may understand the reasoning behind the adoption; therefore, the adoptee's best interests are considered.
             Open adoption is the method where birth parents and adoptive parents interact with one another during the adoption process. During this process, the birth parents have a choice as to what couple they want to give their child to. The adoption agency has a lot to do with this process because it is their job to give the birth parents possible good options to the type of couple will be the right fit to raise their child. Prior to the baby being born, the birth parents may conduct formal interviews or meetings to see which couple they are most comfortable with. Once that is determined, they meet with one another during the pregnancy to create a strong relationship prior to the child being born. Therefore, the adoptive parents are most likely to be in the hospital when the child is born. According to Emily Gray, " Open adoption removes the mystery of the adoption process and can create a better degree of control in the decision making" (27).

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