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A Single Family Household

            The obstacle that I faced in my life is growing up in a single parent household. This is my greatest obstacle because I grew up watching my mother raise three children on her own while taking care of her blind mother. The pain that my mother has endured has had a great effect in my life. Loneliness, hardship, and stress were obstacles that occurred in my life. Though some of these obstacles may cause little distress, others have left me hanging like a wet towel.
             Countless couples have gone through divorce; however it is not the same from a child's perspective. In my case the split between my parents' had led me to grow up feeling alone. Although I had my siblings and my grandmother as well as my mother, it was difficult to comprehend what was going on; for all I knew my father was nowhere to be found. .
             Growing up all I ever wanted was to have my father take me to the park, as I had seen many of my friend's fathers take them to the park. This had led me to grow up isolated, and closed off from the people around me. As much as my mother has tried to participate in my life she could not fill the void in my heart that was left by my father. As I walked down the streets of my neighborhood I would constantly see couples walking with each other, holding hands, and helping each other out. It was weird to see my friend's fathers doing all the work around the house, like mowing the lawn, carrying all the heavy stuff, and helping out with the financial state of the family; and I wondered where the help that was promised by my father went to.
             Succor, aid, assistance, and a helping hand that was a promise, which was made when my mother was on her birth bed. What a presumptuous thought? How can someone promise to lend a hand when they left you astray? It was already hard enough to feed two mouths, but a third was out of question. Not having my father around, my mother had to work, and even then she couldn't pay off the rent on the house.

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