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Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones

            Back in the 1790's the jocks would pick on the nerds. In the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Irving Washington, he tells a story about two men who are in love with the same girl named Katrina Tassel. She is the only child and raised in a wealthy farm with her father. Everyone knows by her beauty and riches, but the men cannot keep their eyes of her. Ichabod Crane and Abraham Van Brunt wants to ask for Katrina's hand, but one of them has to win her heart.
             AbrahamVan Brunt, known as Brom Bones, is Ichabod rival. He is total opposite in every way of Ichabod Crane. Bones is handsome, rough, strong man and people in the Sleepy Hollow always look up to him and it seems to be the he is a hero of the town. He likes to joke around and drink beers with his friends. Bones is street smart and knows how to ride horses, also he would help out others if they needed help. Bones always had his eye on Katrina, but he notices that he is not the only one. He sees that Ichabod is trying to talk to her and Bones does not tolerate that. He knows that Ichabod always had a thing about witches or ghost stories, so he went to go pull a prank on him. Bones went to Ichabod's school and messed everything up. Got the chairs, tables, and other stuff and left it front of the school door. Bones will keep playing jokes on Ichabod till he stops talking to the love of his life.
             Ichabod Crane is not your typical hero in the Sleepy Hollow. He is very tall, with a small head, big ears, and long nose. Overall, he looks like he lives in the corn fields as a scarecrow and scare all the birds away. He did not have many friends, but ". he had read several books quite through, and was a perfect master of Cotton Mather's History of New England Witchcraft, in which, by the way, he most firmly believed."(Washington 45). Yet, he is the most educated in the Sleepy Hollow. He has his own school, but his students is not spoiled. If one of the students does something wrong he will hit them with a ruler and make sure they are discipline.

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