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Fast Food - Leading Children Astray

            We all know that fast food is really bad for us, but we still eat it. We know all the statistics and we still eat it, partly because it is tasty, but also due to the fact that is readily available and convenient. Fast food is not an everyday choice but ,on occasion, it is a nice, greasy treat. Under no circumstance would we eat it every day. Food industries target our fast pace lifestyle with advertisements of delicious food and the continence of obtaining it. We have a choice and still give in a lot of the time, but what about our young people? Imagine the fast food industry as the Pied Piper and our nation's children as the rats being lead to an unhealthy life style. .
             The piper used a flute to lead the rats and in the same way the companies use advertisements to reel in our children. These companies rely heavily on advertisement to reel in their young customers. Our children are constantly being bombarded with advertisements that have been strategically placed where kids will surly see them. The company's marketing teams use popular cartoon characters or children's favorite actors and athletes to lure the unsuspecting into their grasp. Every move these companies make is to benefit their brand and this big business mentality is having an unimaginable effect on the country's heath. By seducing our young people with bright colorful ads, these pipers are leading our future generation into a trap of unhealthy habits. .
             This industry also draws children in by tapping into a child's excitement of getting a shiny, new toy. They cleverly design a line of toys that are modeled after the newest children movies or TV shows. Then, they cleverly place these toys into kid's meals, and every time a child gets that meal the child hopes to get that new toy. When my mom would take me to McDonalds as a child, I would cross my fingers in anticipation of getting that one toy I needed to complete the collection.

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